Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibitions

Blue Star Contemporary



Briscoe Western Art Museum

Destino San Antonio
September 21, 2018 - January 21, 2019

Destino: San Antonio presents, for the first time, selections from the Briscoe Museum’s collection of over 600 stereographs of San Antonio, dating from the 1860s to 1930.  This experiential exhibition will include a replica arcade with vintage 3-D image viewers, video documentaries and interviews, historic city maps and directories, and interactive programming. 


Institute of Texan Cultures



McNay Art Museum



San Antonio Museum of Art

Marilyn Lanfear
August 24–November 11, 2018

Mother-of-pearl buttons, lead, and embroidery hoops are some of the wide-ranging materials Marilyn Lanfear uses to tell her stories. Motivated by personal family history and the urge to preserve memories, Lanfear’s body of work is a testament to her rich Texas heritage and her industrious spirit. Whether by assembling a collection of carved wooden shelves or soldering a blouse made of lead, Lanfear demonstrates a dedication to the process of art making, techniques, and materials. She elevates the everyday to speak to a common, shared experience both through the presence of objects and through what, or whom, is missing.

Lanfear was born in Waco, Texas, in 1930 and raised in Corpus Christi. After completing her MFA at UTSA in 1978, she moved to New York and then Seattle, before returning home to San Antonio.

This fall, the Museum will present a selection of the artist’s works spanning over three decades, curated by Curatorial Associate Lana Meador. While her family’s narratives are the point of departure, Lanfear’s symbolic use of imagery and materials calls forth universal themes—such as identity, the importance of place, and memory—which resonate with all of us.


Becoming John Marin: Modernist at Work
October 26, 2018–January 20, 2019

Drawing is the path of all movement Great and Small.
Drawing is the path made visible.

—John Marin, unpublished notes

For the American Modernist John Marin (1870–1953), best known for his luminous watercolors of rural Maine and urban New York, drawing was central. Becoming John Marin: Modernist at Workwill o­ffer the viewer an inside look at the process behind his abstract watercolors and etchings.

Selected primarily from the outstanding collection of 290 drawings and watercolors donated to the Arkansas Arts Center by Norma Marin, the artist’s daughter-in-law, in 2013, the exhibition features rarely exhibited studio working drawings alongside finished pieces. Becoming John Marin spans nearly every aspect of the artist’s long career as he transformed from an avid young draftsman to the famed modernist who showed each year in Alfred Stieglitz’s succession of Manhattan galleries.

The works vary from dynamic depictions of Manhattan structures and Maine landscapes to lesser-known pieces based on figures: portraits, bustling urban crowds, and circus animals and performers in motion.

Organized by the Arkansas Art Center in Little Rock the exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog of the center’s complete, newly conserved John Marin Collection.

Southwest School of Art



San Antonio Art League & Musuem



Villa Finale



The Witte Museum



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